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Paul Goodnight Black Fireflies   $750.00


Paul Goodnight The Oooh Baby Experience Seriagraph   $1800.00

Serigraph / 73 colors

Paul Goodnight Road To Rhythm   $750.00


Paul Goodnight Brazilian Travelers Serigraph   $2000.00

Brazilian Travelers Serigraph / 40 colors

Paul Goodnight Partly Padded & Mischief Maker Seriagraph   $1500.00

Serigraph / 55 colors

Paul Goodnight Musical Thunder Seriagraph   $2000.00

Serigraph / 50 colors

Paul Goodnight Head Wrapped, Mind Free   $950.00

Stone Lithograph

Paul Goodnight Phenom   $800.00

Stone Lithograph

Paul Goodnight Cant Touch This   $600.00

Stone Lithograph

Paul Goodnight Watch My Back, Please   $1200.00


Paul Goodnight Feet Don't Fail Me Now   $2500.00

Serigraph / 50 colors

Paul Goodnight New Being Nation Seriagraph   $1500.00


Paul Goodnight Conversion Of The Ethiopian Eunuch   $1500.00

Serigraph / 50 colors

Paul Goodnight I Can Fly   $600.00


Paul Goodnight Sister Katie & The Fan Club   $850.00


Paul Goodnight Tennessee T Taster Seriagraph   $1500.00

Serigraph / 55 colors

Paul Goodnight Prayer Messenger   $850.00


Paul Goodnight When Angels Whisper   $450.00


Paul Goodnight Mellow Melon Madonnas Seriagraph PP Only   $3000.00


Paul Goodnight Salsimmer   $750.00


Paul Goodnight Salsified   $750.00


Paul Goodnight Sweet Sauce-A   $750.00


Paul Goodnight South Side Salsa   $750.00


Paul Goodnight Bare Back Large   $750.00


Paul Goodnight Bridle Sweet Large   $750.00


Paul Goodnight Pedigreement   $750.00


Paul Goodnight Creation (the)   $350.00


Paul Goodnight Dream Catcher   $350.00


Paul Goodnight Crossroads   $350.00


Paul Goodnight The Invitation   $350.00


Paul Goodnight The Canopy   $700.00


Paul Goodnight Crystal   $700.00


Paul Goodnight Sassified   $700.00


Paul Goodnight Bare Back Small   $350.00


Paul Goodnight Bridle Sweet Small   $350.00


Paul Goodnight Partly Padded Deluxe Seriagraph   $2000.00

Serigraph / 55 colors

Paul Goodnight Read My Hips Seriagraph   $1250.00

Entitled "Read My Hips" this original graphic is being pulled by the legendary Curlee Holton, professor and director of The Experimental Printmaking Institute at Lafayette College in Easton, PA. The finished S/N 100 piece is being created with 9 screens and measures 28.5X18".

Shipping December 8th 2008.

Paul Goodnight Akimbo (large) Giclee on Paper   $750.00

Akimbo (large) Giclee on Paper

Paul Goodnight Akimbo (small) Giclee on Paper   $350.00

Akimbo (small) Giclee on Paper

Paul Goodnight Ancestral Echoes Giclee on Canvas   $750.00

Ancestral Echoes Giclee on Canvas

Paul Goodnight Background Music Giclee   $700.00

Background Music Giclee

Paul Goodnight Bass Giclee   $350.00

Bass Giclee

Paul Goodnight Brazilian Boat Men Seriagraph   $1500.00

Brazilian Boat Men serigraph/75 colors

Paul Goodnight Brazilian Heartprints Serigraph   $1800.00

Brazilian Heartprints Serigraph/44 colors

Paul Goodnight Brazilian Heartprints Deluxe Edition Serigraph   $2000.00

Brazilian Heartprints Deluxe Edition Serigraph/44 colors gold leaf

Paul Goodnight Bronze Butterflies Giclee   $850.00

Bronze Butterflies Giclee

Paul Goodnight Catterfly Giclee   $750.00

Catterfly Giclee

Paul Goodnight Changing Times Serigraph   $1800.00

Changing Times Serigraph

Paul Goodnight Dance Like I Can Fly Giclee on Canvas   $550.00

Dance Like I Can Fly Giclee on Canvas

Paul Goodnight Drums Giclee   $350.00

Drums Giclee

Paul Goodnight Flutter Giclee   $700.00

Flutter Giclee

Paul Goodnight Guitar Giclee   $350.00

Guitar Giclee

Paul Goodnight In Arms Reach Serigraph   $3500.00

In Arms Reach Serigraph

Paul Goodnight Kinnection Serigraph   $1800.00

Kinnection Serigraph 65 colors

Paul Goodnight Kinnection Serigraph Remarque   $2500.00

Kinnection Serigraph 65 colors and original media

Paul Goodnight Lady Marmalade Giclee   $750.00

Lady Marmalade Giclee

Paul Goodnight Landlord Deluxe Edition Giclee   $1150.00

Landlord Deluxe Edition Giclee

Paul Goodnight Loving Myself Giclee   $700.00

Loving Myself Giclee

Paul Goodnight Making Life Move Giclee   $750.00

Making Life Move Giclee

Paul Goodnight Manscape Giclee   $750.00

Manscape Giclee

Paul Goodnight My Favorite Resting Spot Giclee   $450.00

My Favorite Resting Spot Giclee

Paul Goodnight Piano Giclee   $350.00

Piano Giclee

Paul Goodnight Rubies Pearls And Sapphires Giclee   $500.00

Rubies Pearls And Sapphires Giclee

Paul Goodnight Sax Giclee   $350.00

Sax Giclee

Paul Goodnight Surround Sound Serigraph   $2000.00

Surround Sound Serigraph/75 colors

Paul Goodnight The Brazilian Collection Giclee   $2500.00

The Brazilian Collection Giclee

Paul Goodnight Trombone Giclee   $350.00

Trombone Giclee

Paul Goodnight Trumpet Giclee   $350.00

Trumpet Giclee

Paul Goodnight Tuba Giclee   $350.00

Tuba Giclee

Paul Goodnight X-Factor Giclee On Canvas   $750.00

X-Factor Giclee On Canvas

Paul Goodnight Katrina Giclee   $350.00

The latest in the "No Strings Attached" series of pastels

Paul Goodnight A Penni for Your Thoughts   $550.00

A Penni for Your Thoughts Giclee On Canvas

Paul Goodnight Vineyard Vignettes   $650.00

Paul Goodnight has created an awesome masterpiece to commemorate the Martha's Vineyard summer experience! Inspired by women of color who enjoy the opportunity to share a relaxing moment on the beach with girlfriends and a nice glass of wine, Vignettes on the Vineyard captures the essence of shared memories